Have you ever…

  • worried so much over an exam that you’ve lost sleep or skipped meals?
  • spent many hours studying for a test and during the exam your mind goes blank?
  • felt extremely nervous, had sweaty palms or shortness of breath during a test?
  • worried about the grade or the questions from a test after you’ve taken it?

If so, you may be suffering from test anxiety. Below you find a link to a self-assessment that you can use to determine if you suffer from elevated levels of test anxiety.

For the self-assessment, please indicate how well each of the presented statements describes you using the following scale (1 = not at all like me, 4 = very much like me). After completing the assessment, sum your responses to create an overall “test anxiety score” (higher scores indicate higher levels of test anxiety).  

Click Here to Access the Most Recent Version of the Cognitive Test Anxiety Scale